Core Foundation GovTech

The Foundation of any Govtech Solution is the ability to identify and provide the right service at the right time to each individual citizen

Identity for all

Establish a unique National Identity Systems based on your country's current infrastructure. Or develop a secure Biometrics based system that can be extended to all citizens regardless of geography, literacy or financial status.

Digital Locker

Universal digital locker for each citizen to store biometrics, identity, skill certificates and financial kyc documents. Secure and private this technology allows each citizen to share their data as need to apply for a job or secure a loan.


Eliminate time delays and costs in verification of identity and eligibility with eKYC (e-Know-Your-Customer). eKYC provides near instantaneous verification, improves accuracy and reduces errors while eliminating middle-men and corruption.

Payment Interfaces

Payment interfaces to citizen accounts and banks facilitate direct payment between citizens, governments, banks and private corporations. Eliminate transaction costs while improving financial transparency.

Citizen Solutions

Citizen solutions can be built on the core GovTech Infrastructure to provide direct benefits to individuals. It also allows a county to extend the services for both public and private enterprises from banking to telecom to education

Financial Inclusion

Bring the unbanked into the modern economy with zero balance bank accounts. Insure the uninsured, fund the unfunded with fully verified transactions thru eKYC

Digital Payments

Move towards a cashless society while reducing corruption at all levels. Virtual payment addresses and money transfers make micro-commerce simple and ubiquitous

Direct Benefits Transfer

Provide benefits and payments directly to the citizen's bank account. Avoid errors and duplicate and ensure benefits reach the intended recipient with eKYC

Governance as a Service

The government comes to the citizen's door. Allow citizens to e-discover and opt-in for welfare schemes and benefits. Improve citizen awareness and measure impact of schemes.

G2C Communications

Improve citizen awareness through proactive communication, survey's and Govt. performance dashboards. Implement crowd sourced policies and improve citizen engagement.

Volunteer Management System

Build and manage volunteer teams, communication and task management. Build volunteer profiles and skills and measure effectiveness of the volunteer force and govt. programs.

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