Your Government at your Doorstep

Connecting every citizen

“We want to free our citizens from the burden of excessive paper documents in every office. We want paperless transactions.”

– Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India

Our Think-tank & advisory services

Government Advisory

Advising governments in emerging markets on the GovTech technology to bring services directly to the every citizen's door.

Technology Leadership

Tech advisory service for public and private entities to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to deliver cost effective solutions to every citizen in both rural and urban markets.

every citizen matters

Our approach and solutions are based on connecting every citizen no matter how remote, rural or urban, literate or illiterate, rich or poor. The government needs to work equally for everyone.

GovTech concepts from the largest democracy in the world

With 1.3 billion citizens with over 200 million below the poverty line India faced the biggest challenge in connecting its citizens to the government. Over 35% illiteracy compounded the challenge. Learn from the innovative and cost effective solutions that makes the largest democracy in the world hum.